Planning a party? Hire a venue in Brighton for 2017

Perfect for any event

Any occasion, be a birthday, anniversary or a graduation celebration, the team at White Cliffs Cafe, Brighton can cater to your needs. Click here for breaks to Brighton.

Celebrate in style as White Cliffs Cafe is located right near the coast, with stunning views all round, in either the open air location or the separate function room, suitable for 25-250 guests. Any event is welcome to experience the sea breeze and luxurious location in East Sussex, with a range of balconies suitable for everybody.

Arranging with an experienced team means you can plan your party with ease as they work with you to handle the intimate details that will make your event special. See: Party Venue Hire.

Catering for any event

Caterers can host elegant cocktail parties, to themed parties, as well as dance and DJ events.  If you hire during the night, or day then the food/drinks can be altered to your style and needs. With talented caterers, they can host any diverse event that you want, and can meet your expectations.

A massive selection of food, drinks and beverages is available for visitors, quality and perfection will be oozing from the first sight. Read about specialist cakes – perfect for every event.

Thinking about entertainment for the night?

No need to fret, as a team are able to arrange any entertainment of your choice throughout your party. This can be from live to music to stand up comedy. No act is too small or big as the stage at White Cliffs Cafe can be altered with lighting and seating. Give your night some creativity and stand out from any other party. Discover live party entertainment.

How about for the end of the night?

Fireworks are a great way of finishing the night as they can help to bring the night to a close, or can even get the party going.  More information.

Purchase your fireworks online for cheap and affordable prices. You can experience the joy of barrages, rockets and fountains all with amazing sound and visual effects to attract your guests.

What else happens at White Cliffs Cafe?

The team offer themed nights, such as traditional Greek evenings, as well as many other themes. Their events are of high quality with nights planned to the smallest details. Each of their nights are individual and are made for their guests. You won’t experience anything like it anywhere else in Brighton. Contact us.

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